Words and Proper Names


Clancy (Thomas Owen): Spaghetti junction: OI rót, roüt, ScG ròd, rathad, Scots rod, rode, English road, and some other minor by-ways.
In Fil súil nglais [Fs. C. Ó Baoill] (2007), pp. 17–28.
Arbuthnot (Sharon): Glossary entries, DIL and the struggle with meaning: some case studies.
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I. ceimesdin/cemeas [Corm. LB 10.31; H 3. 18, 67c36 = CIH ii 611.12 (Dúil Dromma Cetta)] ; II. ord [Corm. Y 1030]; III. minarba [Corm. Y 901]; IV. bíail [Corm. Y 126]; V. rot [Corm. Y 1120]; VI. loscuirn [Corm. Y 838]; VII. bradán [Corm. Y 158]; VIII. lon [H 3. 18, 76a36 = CIH ii 622.31].