Words and Proper Names


Isaac (G. R.): Cymraeg rhyngu, rhanc, Hen Wyddeleg ro-icc; Dadl y Corff a’r Enaid ll. 128 dinag.
In StC 36 (2002), pp. 141–145.
ad P. Schrijver' derivation of OIr. -icc < PIE *(h2)ēnḱ-, in Ériu 44 (1993), pp. 33-52 [4. OIr. -icc ‘comes, reaches’].
Ó hUiginn (Ruairí): Cond-ricc, cond-ránic srl.
In Féilscríbhinn do Chathal Ó Háinle (2012), pp. 641–650.
Studies the alternation between con- and cond- in forms of con-ric (some analysable as ro-icc preceded by relative con- or the conjunction con), and argues that the -d- in these forms is not a pronominal but the result of anaptyxis.