Words and Proper Names


Corthals (Johan): Early Irish retoirics and their late antique background.
In CMCS 31 (Summer, 1996), pp. 17–36.
Suggests that they originate in the 6th c. in imitation of Latin poetry and rhetorical style. Includes observations on Bergin’s law.
Binchy (Daniel A.): Varia Hibernica: 1. The so-called ‘rhetorics’ of Irish saga.
In Fs. Sommerfelt (1972), pp. 29–38.
Argues that legal roscad and saga retoiric are one same style of prose, and criticises J. Carney's opinion of their age and origin. Includes a transcript of a fragment of ‘rhetorics’ from Táin bó Cuailnge recension I (based on LU 5423-5427), with notes and tentative translation.