Words and Proper Names


Ó Concheanainn (Tomás): Leabhar na hUidhre: further textual associations.
In Éigse 30 (1997), pp. 27–91.
1. Two legends of Emain Macha: (1) Cess (or Noínden) Ulad; (2) The founding of Emain Macha by Macha Mongruad ; 2. TE [Tochmarc Emire] and the Dinnshenchas: (1) Conflicting views of Thurneysen and Gwynn; (2) A Dinnshenchas poem on the Boyne; (3) Other parts of the ‘riddling dialogue’; (4) A direct reference to TE in a Dinnshenchas text; 3. Cú Chulainn and the daughter of Ruad (TE §§80-4); 4. Scáthach’s prophecy for Cú Chulainn; 5. Affiliations of other LU texts: (1) Aided Nath Í; (2) Serglige Con Culainn (SCC); (3) Siaburcharpat Con Culainn (Siab. CC); (4) Immram curaig Máile Dúin; (5) Scél Tuáin meic Cairill; (6) Cethri arda in domain (‘The four quarters of the world’); 6. TBC: LU alterations and variants represented in YBL; 7. Togail brudne Da Derga (BDD); cf. Éigse 29, pp. 84-86; 8. Texts of minor tána (‘cattle raids’) lost from LU; 9. The textual tradition of the Irish Sex aetates mundi (SAM); 10. The textual history of Lebor Bretnach; 11. Scribe H’s work in two manuscripts: (1) In LU; (2) In Rawlinson B 502, ff. 1-12; 12. The probable date of scribe H: (2) ritire ‘rider, knight’; (3) Topographical glosses; 13. A reference to the Book of Dub Dá Léithe. Continued from Éigse 29 (1996), pp. 65-120.