Words and Proper Names


McManus (Damian): Irish letter-names and their kennings.
In Ériu 39 (1988), pp. 127–168.
Edition of Bríatharogaim, including glossing and commentary, from MSS RIA 23 P 12, NLI G 53, TCD H 3. 18, and YBL; with translation and notes. Discussion of each of the names: Beithe, Luis, Fern, Sail, Nin, (h)Úath, Dair, Tinne, Coll, Cert, Muin, Gort, Gétal, Straiph, Ruis, Ailm, Onn, Ú(i)r, Edad (?), Idad (?), Ébad (?), Ó(i)r, Uil(l)en(n), Pín (Iphín), Iphín (Pín), Emancholl.
Stifter (David): Study in red.
In Sprache 40/2 (1998), pp. 202–207.
[1.] OIr. rúam ‘red dye’; [2.] The PIE root * √reu̯dh ‘to make red’ in Celtic (OIr. , rúad, ród, rúam, rúan, rúana, rúanaid, ruccae, ruide, ruis, ruisse, rus, rondid, ruidid); [3.] Etymology of the Celtic word for ‘rust’ (OIr. rait, rota, rotan, ModIr. rod, roid, roide).