Words and Proper Names


de Bhaldraithe (Tomás): Varia: V.
In Ériu 31 (1980), pp. 168–171.
1. Na réamhfhocail go dtí, go dtige (use as prepositions and conjunctions); 2. roisín / ruisín (< Engl. ‘rushing’ and not from Engl. ‘ration’ as suggested by some; furthermore, Engl. ‘russin, risheen, rusheen’ does not derive from Ir. roisín / ruisín).
de Bhaldraithe (Tomás): Varia: V. 2. roisín.
In Ériu 44 (1993), p. 186.
vs. T. de Bhalraithe, in Ériu 31 (1980), pp. 169-171. Suggests roisín derives from Fr. ressie.