Words and Proper Names


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1. Introduction; 2. The textual tradition of Rec. II [of TBC in LL]; Non-historical ro, dos-, ros-, rita-; 4. (Im)mus-; 5. The prefix im/fo; 6. The prefix con; 7. Con for co n-; 8. The origin of late preverbs and particles.
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OIr. ‘fixed’ ro < *pro and ‘movable’ ro < *.
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Concerns especially composition with the preverbs ro-, fo-, to-, ind-/en.
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*e(p)i- in é(i)thech (with same base as díthech and fre(i)tech); *eti- in e(i)tech; óL < *au and *apo > *ao; OIr. ind-, imbL, íar(m-), ol, sech, coh, doL, ro (idiosyncratic) related to L pro-sum.
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