Words and Proper Names

ráth (in place names)

Mac Giolla Easpaig (Dónall): Placenames and early settlement in County Donegal.
In Donegal history and society (1995), pp. 149–182.
Cinéal Eoghain and Inis Eoghain; Cinéal Conaill and Tír Chonaill; Cinéal Éanna and Tír Éanna; Cinéal Luighdheach and Tír Luighdheach; Cinéal Baghaine and Tír Baghaine; Tír Ainmhireach; Tír Aodha; Dún na nGall/Donegal; Early Christian settlement names [cluain; tulach]; Secular habitation sites as ecclesiastical sites [ráth]; Generic ecclesiastical settlement terms: domhnach; díseart; teach; cill.