Words and Proper Names


Ó Murchadha (Diarmuid): Nationality names in the Irish annals.
In Nomina 16 (1992–1993), pp. 49–70.
Discusses the terms Ériu, Féni, Scotti, Goídil, Cruthin, Picti, Albu, Bretain, Angli, Saxain, Frainc, Geinti, Gaill, Gall-Ghaedhil, Nordmainn, Lochlainn, Danair.
Ó Corráin (Donnchadh): The Vikings in Scotland and Ireland in the ninth century.
In Peritia 12 (1998), pp. 296–339.
Argues that the kingdom called Lothlend (also Laithlind, Laithlinn, later Lochlainn) in Irish sources was not located in Norway but had been established in Scotland before 825 by Norwegian Vikings.