Words and Proper Names

Lóch Luinneach

Meek (Donald E.): The banners of the Fian in Gaelic ballad tradition.
In CMCS 11 (Summer, 1986), pp. 29–69.
[1.] Analogues of the banners in Germanic and other cultures; [2.] Banners in Irish tradition outside the fian; [3.] Banners associated with the fian; [4.] The banner quatrains in later tradition (incl. names of banners, e.g. Dealbh Ghréine, Fulang Doghra, Aoincheannach, Dún Naomhtha, Lámh Dhearg, Sguab Ghábhaidh, Lóch Luinneach); [5.] Form and composition of the BDL poem [see [6.]]; [6.] Edition (Poem beg. Naoinear a chuadhm[ar] fá choill, ed. from NLS MS Adv. 72.1.37 (Dean of Lismore’s Bk); with Engl transl. and notes). Figs.