Words and Proper Names

lemnacht la cat

Ó Cuív (Brian): Three Middle Irish poems.
In Éigse 16/1 (Samhradh, 1975), pp. 1–17.
Normalised editions of three (late ?) Middle Irish poems from MS Brussels 20978–9 with English translation and notes. [1.] Aislinge Augustín áin, on the special virtue of the Beati (Ir. bia(i)t) (118th psalm), which is described as containing 22 chapters (coiptel) and 8 verses (fersa) in each chapter; [2.] Trí sethra ro chuala ar ló, on fasting; [3.] Cinaed, cá cin ro buí dúinn; for further comment on poem, see J. V. Kelleher, in Éigse 16/4 (1976), pp. 251-54; some discussion of phrase lemnacht la cat.