Words and Proper Names

Liscannor (folklore of)

de Paor (Liam): Saint Mac Creiche of Liscannor.
In Ériu 30 (1979), pp. 93–121.
The mythological figure Mac Creiche: 1. Kilmacrehy; 2. The folklore of Liscannor; 3. The documentary material; 4. Mac Creiche’s age; 5. Mac Creiche as hermit; 6. Mac Creiche and the sea; 7. Mac Creiche’s contests with monsters; 8. Mac Creiche as ‘man of plunder’; 9. Other miracles of Mac Creiche; 10. Mac Creiche’s tribal and family connections; 11. Mac Creiche’s connections with other saints; 12. The historicity of Mac Creiche; 13. Who was Mac Creiche? Includes an appendix on the Cyclops in Ireland by D. Greene (pp. 120-21).
Greene (David) (app. auth.)