Words and Proper Names


Sayers (William): Spiritual navigation in the Western Sea: Sturlunga saga and Adomnán’s Hinba.
In ScI 44 (1993), pp. 30–42.
Suggests an equation of ON Hirtir with the place name Hinba, interpreted as a penitential colony and identified with Colonsay.
Lamont (W. D.): Where is Adamnán’s Hinba?
In WHNQ 7 (Jun., 1978), pp. 3–6.
Addendum in WHNQ 12 (1980), pp. 10-15.

Suggests Hinba is the island of Gunna between Coll and Tiree in the Inner Hebrides.
MacKay (William R.): Hinba again.
In WHNQ 9 (Jan., 1979), pp. 8–17.
vs. W. D. Lamont, in WHNQ 7 (1978), pp. 3-6.