Words and Proper Names

fairich (ScG)

Grant (James): The Gaelic of Islay, a North Channel dialect?
In Unity in diversity (2004), pp. 69–95.
Study based on 11 linguistic features: 1. Treatment of initial sr; 2. Treatment of postvocalic broad rt; 3. Treatment of stressed a before original long m; 4. Treatment of Old Irish -ig; 5. Treatment of postvocalic broad mh + consonant; 6. Gu robh math agad normal for ‘thank you’; 7. A’ tabhann normal for ‘barking of dog’; 8. Mothaich verb normally used for ‘feel’; 9. Drùin verb normally used for ‘close’; 10. Ballan normal for ‘cow’s teat’; 11. Ag èireachd.