Words and Proper Names


O’Rahilly (Cecile): Five notes: [1.] fuil.
In Celtica 10 (1973), pp. 141–142.
Discusses examples of sg. fuil with plural meaning ‘wounds’ and pl. fuile meaning ‘blood’.
Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh (Ailís): Varia: I. The modus operandi of the author of the TBC-LL as exemplified by Mellgleó nIliach and Medb’s fúal.
In Ériu 58 (2008), pp. 169–180.
[1.] Compares the two versions of Mellgleó nIliach and suggests that the author of Recension II changed and omitted original satirical elements so as to present the Ulstermen in a more favourable light. [2.] Argues against attempts at a positive interpretation of the episode of Medb’s urination/menstruation, and suggests that the redactor of Recension II deliberately used the motif to create a misogynistic portrayal of Medb.
Hamp (Eric P.): On Indo-European nouns in e-reduplication.
In IF 77 (1972), pp. 159–170.
§3. Old Irish fuil and feóil; §6. The word for the squirrel vel sim [Ir. iora ruadh, ScG feòrag].