Words and Proper Names


Kortlandt (Frederik): Old Irish feda, gen. fedot ‘lord’ and the 1st sg. absolute ending -a in subjunctives and futures.
In ÉtC 36 (2008), pp. 115–118.
Concerns the relative chronology of Old Irish sound changes.
Sims-Williams (Patrick): Old Irish feda (gen. fedot): a ‘puzzling’ form in the Cambrai Homily and its implications for the apocope of /i/.
In Studia celtica et indogermanica [Fs. Meid] (1999), pp. 471–474.
Argues that fēda (rather than fēdo) is the historically earlier form (vs. K. McCone, Towards a relative chronology of ancient and medieval Celtic sound change, 1996, p. 106).