Words and Proper Names


Henry (P. L.): The cruces of Audacht Morainn.
In ZCP 39 (1982), pp. 33–53.
Criticism of the translation by F. Kelly in Audacht Morainn (Dublin, 1976), especially with regard to the Old Irish terms fír, flaith, fírinne, fír flathemon and to the terminal phrases at the end of §§21, 52-53 and 63.
Hartmann (Hans): Was ist ‘Wahrheit’? (1).
In ZCP 49–50 (1997), pp. 287–310.
Establishes several coincidences between Irish folk-belkiefs and Proto-Indo-Iranian religion, especially regarding the cult of the dead and the binary opposition right : left, with the moral connotations associated to it (good : evil). Discusses in particular the concept of truth (represented by OIr. fír, fírinne, fír flathemon) and its role as the bedrock of sovereignty.