Words and Proper Names


Hamp (Eric P.): Some ā-preterites.
In Celtica 10 (1973), pp. 157–159.
-ráith, -táich, -lámair, -fáig, -fáid.
Lindeman (Fredrik Otto): Nodiadau amrywiol: [4.] On the development of some Indo- European perfect forms in Celtic.
In BBCS 31 (1984), pp. 94–100.
Discusses the origin of the Old Irish suffixless preterites fíu, fáid and fáig, and the origin of the ā-preterite.
Ó Buachalla (Breandán): Modern Irish fuaidh.
In Celtica 25 (2007), pp. 160–165.
Calls attention to the variant paradigm in fua- attested in Modern Irish for the past tense of téigh, and argues that this, along with the paradigm in chá- (cf. bardic cháidh and ScG chaidh), results from the blending of synonymous ro-fáith and do-chuaidh.