Words and Proper Names

Fénius Farsaid

Jaski (Bart): Aeneas and Fénius: a classical case of mistaken identity.
In Texts and identities in the early Middle Ages (2006), pp. 15–34.
Investigates the causes and the chronology of the confusion between Latinus of Italy, the father-in-law of Aeneas and Iulus son of Aeneas on the one hand, with Latinus of the Tower, the father-in-law of Fénius, and Nél son of Aeneas on the other in the Irish origin legend, focusing especially in Lebor Gabála (whose various recensions are discussed) and Auraicept na nÉces.
Jaski (Bart): ‘We are of the Greeks in our origin’: new perspectives on the Irish origin legend.
In CMCS 46 (Winter, 2003), pp. 1–53.
Reconstructs the development of the Irish origin legend and discusses the Greek element in the pedigrees of the Gaels. Appendixes contain (1) the pedigrees from Noah to Míl and (2) of Partholón, Góedel and Nemed.