Words and Proper Names

falcag (ScG)

Lockwood (W. B.): Wortgeschichtliche Miszellen.
In ZCP 34 (1975), pp. 154–167.
Discusses the bird-names: ScG gug ‘gannet or solan goose’; Ir. foracha ‘common guillemot’; Gael. gearr (as used in bird-names, different to gearr ‘short’); ScG gearra-glas ‘black guillemot’; ScG craigeach ‘id.'; ScG falcag bhìorach ‘common guillemot’; ScG crosan ‘common guillemot; puffin’; Gael. taboo-replacements of the common guillemot (ScG eun dubh an sgadain, ScG eun a’ chrùbain, Ir. éan áille); ScG gille bog, boganach (as used in bird-names); Ir. droimneach ‘great black-backed gull’; Mx. spyrryd ‘tern’; ScG capull coille ‘capercaillie or Western grouse’; MIr. cerc ‘hen’.