Words and Proper Names


Carey (John): Varia: I. Ferp Cluche.
In Ériu 50 (1999), pp. 165–168.
Ferp Cluche in De shíl Chonairi Móir represents ferb(b) chluichi ‘word of (the) contest’; ferb < Lat. uerbum; vs. C. Watkins, in Celtica 6 (1963), p. 233 n. 1. Also fonnad in DSCM means 'wheel-rim’. Implications for Lia Fáil.
Greene (David): The chariot as described in Irish literature.
In Iron age in the Irish sea province (1972), pp. 59–73.
Discusses the terms dá ech, carpat, dá ndroch, fonnaid, sithbe, feirtsi, crett, cuing, dá n-all, clár, suide, etruide, éissi, brot.