Words and Proper Names

ferp cluche

Carey (John): Varia: I. Ferp Cluche.
In Ériu 50 (1999), pp. 165–168.
Ferp Cluche in De shíl Chonairi Móir represents ferb(b) chluichi ‘word of (the) contest’; ferb < Lat. uerbum; vs. C. Watkins, in Celtica 6 (1963), p. 233 n. 1. Also fonnad in DSCM means 'wheel-rim’. Implications for Lia Fáil.
Bondarenko (Grigory): Lia Fáil and other stones: symbols of power in Ireland and their origins.
In ZCP 65 (2018), pp. 45–62.