Words and Proper Names


Campanile (Enrico): Zur Etymologie von altir. arae und eirr.
In ZCP 43 (1989), pp. 174–178.
arae < are-sed-s ‘who stays’ (cf. ar-said, ar-sissedar); eirr < *en-ret-s ‘who runs against’ (cf. ind-reith).

Reprinted in Saggi Campanile, pp. 267-269.
Uhlich (Jürgen): Altirisch arae ‚Wagenlenker‘, aithesc ‚Antwort‘, keltische Präverbien auf *-i und die frühe Apokope von *-i.
In ZCP 57 (2009–2010), pp. 141–160.
On the auslaut of the Proto-Irish form of Celtic preverbs originally ending in *-i, with special reference to OIr. a(i)r- and a(i)th-. Includes a criticism of P. Schrijver's revision (in Ériu 45 (1995), pp. 151-189) of K. McCone's early apocope of *-i.