Words and Proper Names


Lindeman (Fredrik Otto): On a possible Indo-Celtic etymological correspondence.
In ZCP 54 (2004), pp. 133–143.
Discusses the expression isara fie dúnn (Wb. 25c9), and argues it contains the 3rd sg. rel. of the future of ar-icc.
Lindeman (Fredrik Otto): Notes de linguistique celtique: 1. Vieil-irlandais -ánaic “est allé''.
In ÉtC 23 (1986), p. 57.
On the origin of the deponent inflection found in the singular preterite.
Campanile (Enrico): Un relitto morfologico in irlandese antico.
In Studi Quattordio Moreschini (1998), pp. 141–144.
luid, -buich, do·cer, , -fuair, -ánaic.

Reprinted in Saggi Campanile, pp. 300-303.