Words and Proper Names


McManus (Damian): Varia: III. Miscellanea on bardic poetry: 5. Forms of the word ainm.
In Ériu 55 (2005), pp. 159–160.
Dat. pl. anmaibh.
Byrd (Andrew Miles): Return to dative anmaimm.
In Ériu 56 (2006), pp. 145–155.
Discusses the origin of the ending -(a)im(m) of the dative singular of Old Irish neuter n-stems, providing substantiation for C. Marstrander's suggestion (in Ériu 5 (1911), p. 200) of an assimilation of *-mmVn# to *-mmVm#.
Ködderitzsch (Rolf): Indo-iranisch-keltische Übereinstimmungen.
In ZCP 49–50 (1997), pp. 382–395.
Discusses seven morphological and syntactical features already touched upon by W. Meid (cf. BILL 470, pp. 45-56). With regard to Old Irish, these are: 1. the gaisced type of neuter singular dvandva; 2. the morphology of rígain; 3. the ending *-s of the genitive singular of the neuter n-stems; 4. the feminine forms of the numerals ‘3’ and ‘4’; 5. the reduplicated s-future; 6. the perfect formation -ánaicc; 7. the elliptic construction conráncatar ocus Dubthach.