Words and Proper Names


Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: IV. Goidelic alt and allt.
In Ériu 43 (1992), pp. 207–209.
1. all ‘rock, cliff’; 2. ail ‘rock’; 3. alt ‘joint, etc’; 4. allt ‘height, cliff’; 5. alt and allt contrasted. Also on the contrast between ‘lenited’ l and ‘unlenited’ ll before t in OIr. (vs. GOI, 74).
Hamp (Eric P.): On North European *ɔ in Celtic.
In ZCP 46 (1994), pp. 11–12.
Argues that European *ɔ > *o before high vowels (nom. muir *mori-, with raising) but > *a before non-high vowels (gen. muir < *maro-).