Words and Proper Names


Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: IV. Goidelic alt and allt.
In Ériu 43 (1992), pp. 207–209.
1. all ‘rock, cliff’; 2. ail ‘rock’; 3. alt ‘joint, etc’; 4. allt ‘height, cliff’; 5. alt and allt contrasted. Also on the contrast between ‘lenited’ l and ‘unlenited’ ll before t in OIr. (vs. GOI, 74).
Greene (David): The chariot as described in Irish literature.
In Iron age in the Irish sea province (1972), pp. 59–73.
Discusses the terms dá ech, carpat, dá ndroch, fonnaid, sithbe, feirtsi, crett, cuing, dá n-all, clár, suide, etruide, éissi, brot.