Words and Proper Names


Breatnach (Liam): On words ending in a stressed vowel in Early Irish.
In Ériu 53 (2003), pp. 133–142.
Concludes that there are no grounds for postulating a category of words with final short stressed vowel in Old Irish. 1. ‘from her’; 2. ‘from him, it’; 3. (cechtar) ‘each of the two’; 4. imallé ‘together’; 5. illé ‘hither’; 6. ‘hot’; 7. ‘this’; 8. ‘this’; 9. amné ‘thus’; 10. danó ‘then’.
Breatnach (Liam): Varia: I. 2. Ané, aná and an example in Bardic syntactical tracts.
In Ériu 64 (2014), pp. 209–211.