Words and Proper Names


Hamp (Eric P.): Old Irish ed, id.
In ZCP 34 (1975), pp. 20–29.
Discusses the etym. of (I) OIr. ed ‘space, distance, interval, etc.' and related ined (later inad) ‘place, spot, position, etc.', and id ‘withe, fetter, etc.', all from basic PIE root *ped- ‘foot’; and argues against C. Marstrander (in BILL: 1471) that achad and machad are compounds of an s-stem with a second element *-edo- from the above-mentioned PIE root.

Revised by the author in ZCP 44 (1991), pp. 74-75.
Hamp (Eric P.): Ad ZCP 34, 1975, 20 ff.
In ZCP 44 (1991), pp. 74–75.
Revision of E. P. Hamp, Old Irish ed, id, in ZCP 34 (1975), pp. 20-29.