Words and Proper Names

-as (abstract)

Greene (David): Varia: IV. 1. feras, banas, and some related abstracts.
In Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 155–167.
Studies the formation and meaning of abstract in -as.
Breatnach (R. A.): Varia: 3. connsaich, v. n. connsachadh.
In SGS 14/2 (1986), pp. 145–146.
Argues that OIr. conas ‘quarrel, fight’ (whence ScG connsaich) is an abstract noun derived from by means of the suffix -as, originally meaning ‘characteristic qualities of a hound’ and therefore an example of semantic shift. Cf. D. Greene, in Ériu 28 (1977), pp. 155-167.