Words and Proper Names


Ó Maolalaigh (Roibeard): Varia: IV. 2. On the 2pl. imperative in Scottish Gaelic.
In Ériu 53 (2003), pp. 174–178.
ScG -ibh derives from 2pl. prep. prons used as imperatives, the seeds of which can be traced to OIr. suppletive airci(u)b, argib, ercib ‘go’.
Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: II. 1. Syntactic comparisons: (a) airci(u)bargibercib.
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ad J. Carney, in Ériu 18 (1958), pp. 1-43 (BILL 5527). Discusses forms of the 2 pl. ipv.