Words and Proper Names


Poppe (Erich): Varia: II. King Ahab, Boia, Mac Da Thó and Ailill.
In Ériu 50 (1999), pp. 169–171.
The beginning of the biblical story of Ahab and Jezebel concerning wives’ advice (1 Kings, 21.4-5) served as a model in Wales and in Ireland (e.g. Scéla muicce Meic Da Thó, Fled Bricrenn).
Wagner (H.): Studies in the origins of early Celtic traditions: 3. On the origin of Celtic kurmi- ‘beer’ (Ir. cuirm, W. cwrw) and of Celtic kingship.
In Ériu 26 (1975), pp. 11–23.
Discusses the names Medb, Beltene, Ailill, Brigit.