Words and Proper Names

a (+ vn)

McCloskey (James): Nótaí comhréire.
In Ériu 46 (1995), pp. 159–164.
1. Dul comhréire tuaisceartach i nGaeilge na Mumhan (The northern structure ‘Subject Object aL + Verbal Noun’ also to be found marginally in Munster Irish);

2. Ainmní breise sa chlásal neamhfhinideach (The related structure in non-finite clauses of (gan) Noun{1} Noun{2} a bheith Prepositional Pronoun{1} …; also more common in northern than southern dialects; for more detailed discussion, see J. McCloskey and P. Sells, Control and A-chains in Modern Irish, in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 6 (1998), pp. 143-189).