Words and Proper Names


Campanile (Enrico): A note on the classification of some Old Irish verbs.
In Celtica 21 (1990), pp. 99–103.
1. do-lin (pl. du-linat) ‘flows’; 2. ara-chrin ‘decays, fails’; 3. ro-cluinethar ‘hears’; 4. at-baill ‘dies’; 5. marnid ‘betrays’; 6. ro-finnadar ‘gets to know’; 7. -gnin ‘knows’.
Mikhailova (Tatiana), Nikolaeva (Natalia): The denotations of death in Goidelic: to the question of Celtic eschatological conceptions.
In ZCP 53 (2003), pp. 93–115.
Studies the etymology and semantics of Irish expressions denoting ‘death’ as occurring in the texts, with the aim of retrieving the Celtic attitudes towards death.
Vernet (Mariona): Gr. βάλλω ‘I throw’, OIr. a-t:baill ‘he/she dies’, Lat. ualleō ‘to die’: some considerations on the reconstruction of the PIE verbal root *gwelh1- ‘to pass away, to die; to throw’.