Words and Proper Names


Tremblay (Xavier): Études sur le verbe vieil-irlandais: 1. La classe B V de Thurneysen; 2. ro-laë et les parfaits de bases ultimae laryngalis.
In ÉtC 31 (1995), pp. 151–165.
1. ara·chrin, at·baill, do·lin, at·gnin, etc. 2. -cuirethar.
Campanile (Enrico): A note on the classification of some Old Irish verbs.
In Celtica 21 (1990), pp. 99–103.
1. do-lin (pl. du-linat) ‘flows’; 2. ara-chrin ‘decays, fails’; 3. ro-cluinethar ‘hears’; 4. at-baill ‘dies’; 5. marnid ‘betrays’; 6. ro-finnadar ‘gets to know’; 7. -gnin ‘knows’.
Lambert (Pierre-Yves): Préverbes gaulois suffixes en -io-: ambio, ario-, cantio-.
In ÉtC 31 (1995), pp. 115–121.
Examines the Continental Celtic background of nouns derived from prepositions (in particular ar, imm, cét-); also discusses Old Irish compound verbs with petrified neuter infix pronoung (ara-chrin, imme-airic, ceta-bí).
Lindeman (Fredrik Otto): Studies in Celtic and Indo-European verbal morphology: 1. The Old Irish present type arachrinim.
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