Words and Proper Names


Vernet (Mariona): Gr. βάλλω ‘I throw’, OIr. a-t:baill ‘he/she dies’, Lat. ualleō ‘to die’: some considerations on the reconstruction of the PIE verbal root *gwelh1- ‘to pass away, to die; to throw’.
Hill (Eugen): Silbische Liquiden vor Nasalen im Inselkeltischen und das Problem der Nasalpräntien vom Typ air. sernaid, kymr. -sarnu.
In KF 5 (2010–2012), pp. 157–184.
Discusses the continuation in Insular Celtic of the PIE nasal presents made to roots in final laryngeal (exemplified by OIr. sernaid, ernaid, marnaid, ·cella, ·ella, -t·baill, ·gnin).