Manuscript Repositories

Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milano

Milano, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, C 5 inf.

Lapidge (Michael): Columbanus and the ‘Antiphonary of Bangor’.
In Peritia 4 (1985), pp. 104–116.
Studies the hymn Precamur patrem, and argues it was composed by Columbanus at Bangor between 569 and 590.

Milano, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, C 301 inf.

Griffith (Aaron), Stifter (David): New and corrected ms. readings in the Milan glosses.
In ÉtC 40 (2014), pp. 53–84.
Presents some eighty cases where the reading of the MS or facsimile is different from that given in Thes.