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Irish Folklore Collection, Dublin

Now: National Folklore Collection, Department of Irish Folklore, University College Dublin.

Dublin, Irish Folklore Collection, 23 I 36 (421)

Ó Fiannachta (Pádraig) (ed.): Do thaisteal chugainn ó shleasaibh Bríde.
In An barántas (1978), pp. 89–91, [no. 24].
From RIA 23 I 36.

Dublin, Irish Folklore Collection, 492

de Brún (Pádraig): Scéal Gaeilge ón Tóchar.
In JKAHS 8 (1975), pp. 126–174.
Taken down near Causeway, Co. Kerry, about 1904. Text from Irish Folklore Collection, MS 492.

Dublin, Irish Folklore Collection, 1269

McTurk (Rory): An Irish analogue to the Kráka-episode of Ragnars saga loðbrókar.
In Éigse 17/3 (Samhradh 1978), pp. 277–296.
Story, Brian na Diúgadh from Co. Mayo, which combines the motif of The Clever Peasant Girl (AT 875) with the legend of the Slaying of the Aged (= Wisdom of Hidden Old Man Saves Kingdom, AT 981), edited with English translation from Irish Folklore Collection, MS 1269.