Manuscript Repositories

National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth, National Library of Wales, A 9 [Add. 416]

Ó Muirithe (Diarmaid): Amhráin i dtaobh Cogadh Saoirse Mheiriceá.
In Fs. de Bhaldraithe (1986), pp. 124–129.
1. A ghéaga cumainn na nGael gcumais, by Tomás Ó Míocháin, based on RIA 23 L 35; 2. D’fhág na flaithibh is na fáidhibh feasach, by Séamas Ó Dálaigh, from Maynooth C 15; 3. A ghéagaibh gníomha Choinn is Eoghain, by Tomás Ó Míocháin, from RIA 23 K 10, etc.

Aberystwyth, National Library of Wales, Peniarth 184

Ua Súilleabháin (Seán): The lost has been found: the earliest surviving bilingual Irish dictionary.
In Cín chille cúile [Ó Riain essays] (2004), pp. 392–405.
Argues that the Irish section (Pt. 3) of NLW MS Peniarth 184 is to be identified as a hitherto lost Latin-Irish dictionary compiled by Fr. Maurice Conry in 1644 at Louvain.

Aberystwyth, National Library of Wales, Peniarth 427E

Roberts (Brynley F.): An early Edward Lhuyd glossary.
In StC 50 (2016), pp. 151–162.
A comparative Irish-Latin-Welsh word list, compiled 1688/89. Edited from Bodleian MS Aubrey 5 and NLW Peniarth 427E, with notes and comments.

Aberystwyth, National Library of Wales, 13, 234 A

Thomson (Robert L.): Edward Lhuyd’s Geirieu Manaweg II.
In Celtica 23 (1999), pp. 390–407.
Cf. author’s article in StC 14/15 (1979-80), pp. 129-167. Focuses on pronunciation, orthography, and morphology.
Ifans (Dafydd), Thomson (R. L.): Edward Lhuyd’s Geirieu Manaweg.
In StC 14–15 (1979–1980), pp. 129–167.
A Manx vocabulary, from MS NLW 13234A.
Thomson (Robert L.): Edward Lhuyd’s Geiriau Manaweg III.
In SGS 17 (1996), pp. 369–375.
A comparison of Lhuyd’s collected Manx and Scottish material.