Manuscript Repositories

Edinburgh University, Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Edinburgh University, Carmichael-Watson Collection

Sugg (Laura S.): Summary list of items 488 to 576 in the Carmichael-Watson Collection.
In SGS 18 (1998), pp. 131–165.
Description of items in the Edinburgh University Library concerning Alexander Carmichael (1832-1912) and Carmina Gadelica.
Gillies (William): Alexander Carmichael and Clann Mhuirich.
In SGS 20 (2000), pp. 1–66.
Examines material from the Carmichael-Watson papers which relates to the Mac Mhuirich bardic family.

Edinburgh, Edinburgh University, Colin Campbell Collection

Ó Baoill (Colm): Gaelic manuscripts in the Colin Campbell collection.
In SGS 14/1 (Winter 1983), pp. 83–99.
Description of the Gaelic material in the Colin Campbell Collection, held at Edinburgh University Library. Includes an index of first lines of poems.

Edinburgh, Edinburgh University, Laing 21

Herbert (Máire): Some Irish prognostications.
In Éigse 14/4 (Geimhreadh 1972), pp. 303–318.
Irish prognostications from thunder (§§[1.]–[6.]) and from the howling of dogs (§[7.]). [1.] Poem beg. Torann Domhnaigh créd fatá, ed. from Laud Misc. 615 and TCD H 4. 22; [2.] Text beg. Torann Domhnaig do-fóirne díghbhail for chleirchibh, ed. from NLI G 1; [3.] Text beg. Tóirneach an Luain, bás ban, ed. from RIA 23 M 30; [4.] Text beg. Torann Enair sidh sainemail, ed. from TCD H 4. 22; [5.] Text beg. Gaoth mor ocus toirneach isin mí so, ed. from Edinburgh Laing 21; [6.] text beg. Da ti toirneach a mi Ianuarius, ed. from RIA 23 O 57 (and RIA C iv 2); [7.] Poem beg. Donál chon cenduigh co cert, ed. from Laud Misc. 615 (and NLS Advocates’ 72.1.41 and Egerton 158). All texts with English translation and notes.

Edinburgh, Edinburgh University, Mackinnon (1924) 10A

Ó Macháin (Pádraig): An Irish manuscript in Edinburgh University Library.
In SGS 15 (1988), pp. 98–102.
Describes the contents of MS Edinburgh, University Library Mackinnon (1924) 10A.