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Bibliothèque municipale, Rennes

Rennes, Bibliothèque municipale, 598

Carey (John) (ed.): Apocrypha Hiberniae: II. Apocalyptica 1: In tenga bithnua = The evernew tongue / cura et studio John Carey.
CCSA, 16. Turnhout: Brepols, 2009. 534 + pp.
[I.] Introduction; [II.] In tenga bithnua = The ever-new tongue: edition and translation of the Lismore text and of the second recension; [III.] Commentary and textual notes.

Rev. by
Elizabeth Boyle, in Irish Theological Quarterly 76/2 (2011), pp 183-186.
Erich Poppe, in CMCS 61 (Summer, 2011), pp. 91-93.
Bondarenko (Grigory): The Dindṡenchas of Irarus: the king, the druid and the probable tree.
In ZCP 59 (2012), pp. 5–26.
An analysis of the two versions of the prose dindshenchas relating to Irarus. Supplies semidiplomatic edition of the Rennes and LL texts, with variants from H 3. 3 and the Book of Lecan. Includes a discussion of the obscure word erus.

Rennes, Bibliothèque municipale, 15952

Le Duc (Gwenaël): Irish saints in Brittany: myth or reality?
In Studies in Irish hagiography (2001), pp. 93–119.
In Appendix: The life of St. Senan [Latin text transcribed from MS Rennes, Bibliothèque municipale, nº 15952].