Arthuriana 17/4 (Fall 2007)
Southern Methodist University Press
Smelik (Bernadette): The intended audience of Irish Arthurian romances.
In Arthuriana 17/4 (Fall 2007), pp. 49–69.
Between the fourteenth and seventeenth century five Arthurian romances were written in the Irish language. This article compares the narrative structure of these romances and their portrayal of King Arthur to French Arthurian verse romances and considers the intended audience for Irish Arthurian Romance.

Sayers (William): Medieval Irish language and literature: an orientation for Arthurians.
In Arthuriana 17/4 (Fall 2007), pp. 70–80.
Reasons and means are outlined for students and scholars of Arthurians letters to familiarize themselves with a unique and rich corpus of medieval literature.