CMCS Publications
Rodway (Simon): Mermaids, leprechauns and Fomorians: a middle Irish account of the descendants of Cain.
In CMCS 59 (Summer, 2010), pp. 1–17.
Discusses a passage on Cain and Abel and the origin of Fomorians, found in TCD H 3. 18 (= CIH ii 682.1-15), beg. Cáiin didiu roformdig re hAibel. Includes English translation.

Arbuthnot (Sharon): Obscurities in Dúil Dromma Cetta: insights into a lost exemplar and form-oriented scribing.
In CMCS 59 (Summer, 2010), pp. 19–37.

Boyle (Elizabeth): Eschatological justice in Scéla laí brátha.
In CMCS 59 (Summer, 2010), pp. 39–54.

Bray (Dorothy Ann): Ireland’s other apostle: Cogitosus’ St. Brigit.
In CMCS 59 (Summer, 2010), pp. 55–70.

Lewis (Barry J.) (revr.): Celtic ecocriticism.
In CMCS 59 (Summer, 2010), pp. 71–81.
Review article of: Strange beauty: ecocritical approaches to early medieval landscape, by Alfred K. Siewers (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009).