Arbuthnot (Sharon) (ed.): Cóir anmann: a late Middle Irish treatise on personal names. Part 1 / edited by Sharon Arbuthnot.
ITS, 59. London: Irish Texts Society, 2005. vii + 248 pp.
Edition of the ‘earliest version’, based on the Book of Ballymote, and of the ‘short version’, based on NLI G 2. Diplomatic texts, with English translation and notes. In Appendices: I. Concordances of entries; II. Genealogical tables.
Rev. by
Gisbert Hemprich, in ZCP 59 (2012), pp. 231-233.
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 38 (2012), pp. 336-337.
Gerald Manning, in StH 35 (2008-2009), pp. 237-239.
Paul Russell, in Peritia 20 (2008), pp. 397-402.


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