Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 35 (1976)
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 17 (1980), pp. 360-363.
Noel McGonagle, in Éigse 17/2 (1977-1978), pp. 273-276.
Brian Ó Cuív, in Celtica 14 (1981), pp. 178-180.
Ahlqvist (Anders): On adverbs of place in Irish.
In ZCP 35 (1976), pp. 158–168.
Examines the Irish adverbs of place, with particular emphasis on the directional prefixes t-, s-, an-.

Williams (N. J. A.): A possible source for a passage in Keating’s history.
In ZCP 35 (1976), pp. 169–171.
Suggests that Keating’s allegory on the proimpiollán (‘beetle’) in the díonbhrollach to his Forus Feasa ar Éirinn is based on an exemplum from the English fabulist and preacher, Odo of Cheriton (†1247).

Melia (Daniel F.): A note on translation.
In ZCP 35 (1976), pp. 172–174.
Interpretation of phrase is tabarta i n-éslis in tale Orgain Denna Ríg (as ed. by D. Greene 1955 [= BILL 5065]) p. 18, ll. 317-318.

Ó Dochartaigh (Cathair): The Rathlin Catechism.
In ZCP 35 (1976), pp. 175–233.
Ed. of Irish sections of The Church Catechism in Irish, printed in belfast by James Blow in 1722: includes Catechism, Tegasg Kreesdee; prayers for the sick, Oornai ar son Yhaoniv Tynn; dialogues, Kolavara; and vocabulary. Orthography based on literary Irish with considerable modifications in direction of English. Published as tool for teaching Rathlin parishioners the English language. Detailed linguistic, including dialect, analysis.