Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 34 (1975)
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 17 (1980), pp. 356-359.
Hamp (Eric P.): Old Irish ed, id.
In ZCP 34 (1975), pp. 20–29.
Discusses the etym. of (I) OIr. ed ‘space, distance, interval, etc.' and related ined (later inad) ‘place, spot, position, etc.', and id ‘withe, fetter, etc.', all from basic PIE root *ped- ‘foot’; and argues against C. Marstrander (in BILL: 1471) that achad and machad are compounds of an s-stem with a second element *-edo- from the above-mentioned PIE root.

Revised by the author in ZCP 44 (1991), pp. 74-75.

Greene (David): A recent semantic shift in Insular Celtic.
In ZCP 34 (1975), pp. 43–59.
Discusses the semantic change (need >) lack > desire in (II) Irish (díth, dígbál (> mod. díobháil), feidhm, do-esta (> mod. teastuighidh), atá …ó, oireann …do, (III) Manx (laccal, feme), and (IV) Scottish Gaelic (tha …a dhìth air …, is e a tha bho …).

Tristram (Hildegard L. C.): Der ‘homo octipartitus’ in der irischen und altenglischen Literatur.
In ZCP 34 (1975), pp. 119–153.
Discusses the Scriptural theme of the ‘divisions of man’ in Irish and Old English literature.

Lockwood (W. B.): Wortgeschichtliche Miszellen.
In ZCP 34 (1975), pp. 154–167.
Discusses the bird-names: ScG gug ‘gannet or solan goose’; Ir. foracha ‘common guillemot’; Gael. gearr (as used in bird-names, different to gearr ‘short’); ScG gearra-glas ‘black guillemot’; ScG craigeach ‘id.'; ScG falcag bhìorach ‘common guillemot’; ScG crosan ‘common guillemot; puffin’; Gael. taboo-replacements of the common guillemot (ScG eun dubh an sgadain, ScG eun a’ chrùbain, Ir. éan áille); ScG gille bog, boganach (as used in bird-names); Ir. droimneach ‘great black-backed gull’; Mx. spyrryd ‘tern’; ScG capull coille ‘capercaillie or Western grouse’; MIr. cerc ‘hen’.

Ternes (Elmar): Linguistische Feldforschung in der Bretagne und im schottischen Hochland.
In ZCP 34 (1975), pp. 194–222.