Studi celtici: rivista internazionale di storia, linguistica e antropologia culturale 7 (2008–2009)
Edizioni dell’Orso
Egeler (Matthias): Condercum: some considerations on the religious life of a Roman fort on Hadrian’s Wall and the Celtic character of the Lamiae Tres of the dedication stone CIL VII, 507.
In SC 7 (2008–2009), pp. 129–176.

Rodway (Simon): Two notes on Sanas Cormaic.
In SC 7 (2008–2009), pp. 177–189.

Rodway (Simon): A Welsh equivalent to the Irish fían?
In SC 7 (2008–2009), pp. 191–196.
Draws attention to a possible parallel from 12th c. Wales documented in Gerald of Wales’ Descriptio Kambriae.