Seanchas Ard Mhacha: journal of the Armagh Diocesan Historical Society 19/1 (2002)
Armagh Diocesan Historical Society
Muhr (Kay): The early place-names of County Armagh.
In SAM 19/1 (2002), pp. 1–54.
Part I (Secular): (A) Armagh plain: Macha, Emain Macha, Oenach Macha, Drumconwell, Creeveroe and divisions; Loughnashade, Kings Stables, Ráth Cimbaíth, Tullyworgle, Bull’s Track; (B) South Armagh: Slieve Gullion, Sliab Monduirn, Sliab Fuait, Áth na Foraire, Béal Átha an Airgid, Dorsey, Loch Echtra, Nemed, Callan, Ardachadh, Cloenloch, Forkill, Midluachair, Fiodh Conaille, Fathom, Carnbane, Búrach Ulad. Part II (Lives of St. Patrick): Ind Fherta, Ard Macha, Ard Sailech, Telach na Licce, Tamlachta Bó, Cenngoba, Oenach Macha, Nemed.

Jefferies (Henry A.): Erenaghs and termonlands: another early seventeenth-century account.
In SAM 19/1 (2002), pp. 55–58.
Extract of a letter in English (1609) by archbishop William Daniell, entitled De herenachis et Termon lands and containing a discussion of the terms termonn, coarb and airchinnech. From MS TCD E 3. 16, f. 78v.

O’Connor (Thomas): ‘Perfidious machiavellian friar’: Florence Conry’s campaign for a Catholic restoration in Ireland, 1592-1616.
In SAM 19/1 (2002), pp. 91–105.

Donnelly (Philip): The Catholic parish of Bovevagh, Diocese of Derry.
In SAM 19/1 (2002), pp. 138–167.