O’Driscoll (Robert) (ed.): The Celtic consciousness / edited by Robert O’Driscoll.
Mountrath, Co. Laois: Dolmen Press, 1982. xxxi + 642 pp.
Mountrath (Co. Laois): Dolmen; Edinburgh: Cannongate.
First publ. Toronto 1981 by McLelland and Stewart (with Dolmen).

Introduction by R. O’D. Sections: 1. Peripheries of the Indo-European world; 2. Beginnings in the Celtic world: archaeological, linguistic, historic, and prehistoric; 3. Mythology, literature, religion and art; 4. The Celtic continuum: folk lore, literature, music and art; 5. Modern Celtic nationalism: literary and political; 6. Celtic vision in contemporary thought and art.

Rev. by
Leon Fleuriot, in ÉtC 20 (1983), pp. 344-345.


Wagner (Heinrich): Near Eastern and African connections with the Celtic world.
In The Celtic consciousness (1982), pp. 51–67.

Ternes (Elmar): The grammatical structure of the Celtic languages.
In The Celtic consciousness (1982), pp. 69–78.

Mac Cana (Proinsias): Mythology in early Irish literature.
In The Celtic consciousness (1982), pp. 143–154.
Early Irish literary tradition exemplified by Noínden Ulad, Immram Brain, and Caillech Bérri.

Dooley (Ann): The heroic word: the reading of early Irish sagas.
In The Celtic consciousness (1982), pp. 155–159.
Exemplified by Loinges mac nUislenn and Táin bó Cúailnge (LU).

Bamford (Christopher): The heritage of Celtic Christianity: ecology and holiness.
In The Celtic consciousness (1982), pp. 169–184.

MacQueen (John): Roman and Celt in southern Scotland.
In The Celtic consciousness (1982), pp. 185–194.

Ross (Anne): Material culture, myth and folk memory.
In The Celtic consciousness (1982), pp. 197–216.

Danaher (Kevin): Irish folk tradition and the Celtic calendar.
In The Celtic consciousness (1982), pp. 217–242.

O’Brien (Máire Cruise): The role of the poet in Gaelic society.
In The Celtic consciousness (1982), pp. 243–254.

MacInnes (John): The Gaelic continuum in Scotland.
In The Celtic consciousness (1982), pp. 269–288.

Ó Tuama (Seán): The lineage of Gaelic love-poetry from the earliest times.
In The Celtic consciousness (1982), pp. 289–306.

Ó Madagáin (Breandán): Irish vocal music of lament and syllabic verse.
In The Celtic consciousness (1982), pp. 311–332.

Miller (Liam), Musick (Pat): Celtic calligraphy: from penstroke to print.
In The Celtic consciousness (1982), pp. 355–365.