Dumville (David), Grabowski (Kathryn): Chronicles and annals of mediaeval Ireland and Wales: the Clonmacnoise-group texts.
SCH, 4. Woodbridge: Boydell, 1984. x + 242 pp. (Studies in Celtic history, 4).
1. The Annals of Inisfallen, A.D. 431-1092: sources, structure and history; 2. The peculiarity of the Annals of Tigernach, A.D. 489-766: the Clonmacnoise redaction of the ‘Chronicle of Ireland’; 3. Where did the ‘Clonmacnoise chronicle’ originate? The evidence of the Annals of Tigernach and the Chronicum Scotorum, A.D. 974-1150; 4. When was the ‘Clonmacnoise chronicle’ created? The evidence of the Welsh annals.

Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 24 (1987), pp. 357-358.
Morag Redford, in The Scottish historical review 66/1 (Apr., 1987), pp. 68-69.



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